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Carter Page is going to duel James Comey in an epic memoir war

Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has declared war on former FBI Director James Comey in the form of a rival memoir about the Trump campaign's involvement with Russian agents, BuzzFeed News reports. While The New York Times writes that Comey's book has caught the interest of "all the major publishing houses" and will detail, in part, Comey's time in the Trump administration, Page's book might have a little more trouble finding a home, although he told BuzzFeed News it has garnered interest. As one agent put it, though, Page's version of the events would be a "nightmare for legal vetting."

Page was briefly involved in the Trump campaign, although he left following a probe into his own ties to Russia:

In his [memoir] proposal, [Page] writes that he served "as nothing more than a junior member of an unpaid, informal advisory committee as part of the Trump movement," but that the "depth of my personal ties to Russia stretching back throughout most of my life made me the most prominent victim of the Clinton campaign's efforts to illegally influence the Obama administration and its politically motivated FBI Director James Comey." [BuzzFeed News]

Page's book is titled Politics, Lies, and the Wiretap: Inside the Fight to End the 70-Year Cold War. Page boasts it will make a good movie in addition to being a "landmark volume."

"In 1776, the English historian Edward Gibbon published a classic book entitled The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," Page wrote. "My book will play a similar role for this historic juncture by definitively documenting the pathway towards catastrophic destruction which the prior administration and its predecessors played in creating severe chaos in the international community." Read more about his project at BuzzFeed News.