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The Daily Show trolls, semi-seriously defends, Ann Coulter's Delta tweetstorm meltdown

Over the weekend, conservative commentator and anti-snowflake activist Ann Coulter tweeted some three dozen times about her recent experience on Delta Air Lines. That experience, it emerged, was that she was bumped from her pre-selected exit-row seat, and moved over two seats in the same row. On Monday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah mocked her outraged, drawn-out tweetstorm.

"Wow people, this is the civil rights struggle of our generation," Noah deadpanned. "How long will white women be asked to move to the back of the— well, not the back, but just like slightly over two seats? Ann Coulter is basically Airplane Rosa Parks. I can't wait for the inspirational film about her story," which he suggested be titled 12 Minutes an Inconvenience. "She kept going even after the airline offered to return her $30 upgrade fee," he added, "which was some serious shade from Delta, can I just say?" But when he threw to correspondent Roy Wood Jr., standing outside the United Nations headquarters, Wood seemed genuinely sympathetic.

"Ann picked her seat in advance, it was an agreement binding by the Geneva Conventions and all that is holy," Wood said. "Look, me and Ann are as different as night and day, or black and white, as one might say. But in this situation, I stand with my fellow frequent flier, I stand with Ann! All legroom matters, Trevor!" Trolling? Probably, but when Noah played a highlight reel of Coulter complaining about other aggressive whiners, Wood stuck to his guns. Modern air travel make for strange bedfellows, it seems. Watch below. Peter Weber