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Blame game

Trump has made at least 4 different excuses for the GOP's health-care failure in the last 24 hours

President Trump is pointing fingers. Following the collapse of the GOP health-care bill Monday night, the president took to casting blame on both his own party and the Democrats, despite their minority in the Senate. Here is a look at the last 24 hours in Trumpland. Jeva Lange

Blame the Republicans

To start things off, Trump suggested that Senate Republicans had bitten off more than they could chew with the proposed bill. He advised his party to instead "start from a clean slate" and win over Democrats, despite Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) having already ruled out a bipartisan option. Trump also previously called House Republicans' health-care proposal "mean."

Blame the Democrats and "a few Republicans"

Trump followed up his initial tweet with a pep talk for Republicans, although he refused to let "a few" of them off the hook. Wonder who they might be?

Blame the Democrats

A majority is a majority, however "small."

Blame the system

As The New York Times' Shane Goldmacher points out, "They were using 51-seat majority (50 with [Vice President Mike] Pence) and couldn't muster the votes."