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Rogue goat gang shatters Colorado business' doors with aggressive head-butting, remains at large

When Greg Cappert, an engineer for Kryptane Systems, arrived for work in Louisville, Colorado, on Monday, he was startled to see the office doors had been shattered in a break-in. When police came to investigate, though, surveillance footage showed the culprit to be a herd of mischief-making goats, Fox News reports.

"We understand the description is he's very hairy, has some large horns, and is possibly hooved," said Louisville Police Department commander Jeff Fisher.

The goats likely escaped from a nearby farm. On Tuesday, the gang still remained at large. "They're still out there somewhere, so protect your doors everyone," Cappert warned.

But it might have been a single strike, as one goat in particular appeared to have a vendetta against Kryptane Systems, which makes agriculture rollers and wheels. "For 20 minutes he just sat and banged on that one side until he broke it, and then he left and came back and decided to break the other side too," said Cappert. "I don't know why. That was just to be mean I guess."