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The Daily Show puckishly pins the blame for TrumpCare's epic failure on Trump

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says he will still hold a vote on his last-ditch ObamaCare repeal-but-not-replace plan, but it appears at least as dead as his repeal-and-replace plan. On Tuesday, The Daily Show mockingly offered its "#ThoughtsAndPrayers to Mitch McConnell in this time of great sorrow."

Trevor Noah took a few minutes to explain what went wrong, and he laid the blame for TrumpCare's failure at the feet of one person. "I don't know why we're surprised," he said. "Let's be honest, we all knew the words 'Trump' and 'care' were never destined to be together. Just ask Eric."

First, he had an elaborate little laugh at the GOP's apparently failed efforts: "Republicans have been saying forever that ObamaCare is going to fail. 'It's in a death spiral!' But after years of them trying to kill it, it is somehow the only thing that's still around. All of their health-care plans collapsed immediately. And they're like, 'ObamaCare is dead, check out our plan — oh my god, plan? Wake up, plan, wake up! Oh no, our plan won't wake up, is there an ObamaCare in the house?'"

The thing is, Republicans had a plan to dismantle the Affordable Care Act — repeal and delay replacement — until President Trump publicly insisted that ObamaCare be replaced at the same time, Noah said. "There's a clear reason that the Republicans just suffered today's failure, and that reason lives in the White House. To add insult to injury, while the GOP's health-care dreams were crumbling, Trump wasn't even helping. He was hosting a play-play party at the White House," ending with the president pretending to drive a fire truck.

"And that's how the Republican health-care plan came and went, with them failing to get their votes and the president playing pretend in the White House," Noah recapped. "So the truth is, for the Republicans, it's not looking good. It's July, their health-care plan is officially dead, they have no infrastructure bill, and they're months behind on tax reform. At some point, they have to admit that their world is burning down. Fortunately for the Republicans, they have a fireman on their team." Watch below. Peter Weber