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Joe Scarborough thinks it's safe to 'assume the worst' of Trump and Putin's second, undisclosed meeting

On Wednesday, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough made the case against giving President Trump the benefit of the doubt on his second, undisclosed meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting at the G-20 summit earlier this month, which was confirmed Tuesday by a White House official, apparently lasted an hour and took place during a dinner at the summit, when Trump reportedly left his seat mid-meal to sit next to Putin.

Scarborough was flabbergasted that Trump — especially amid the ongoing Russia investigation — would meet with Putin and a Russian interpreter by himself. "Because of what Donald Trump has done in the past, reporters, foreign policy analysts, and our allies can safely assume the worst," Scarborough said. "They can safely assume the worst of Donald Trump. They can safely assume the worst of Vladimir Putin."

Scarborough then recalled what went down at Trump's meeting at the White House in May with Russian officials, during which Trump revealed highly classified information. "He was talking about firing James Comey and saying that he's gotten the pressure off of everybody because he had fired the nutcase who was investigating Donald Trump's possible illegal ties with Russia," Scarborough said. "So what are we to assume if not the worst?"

Trump has blamed the "Fake News" for making a "dinner arranged for top 20 leaders in Germany" look "sinister." But Scarborough argued "it was the president himself who made this look sinister."

Watch below. Becca Stanek