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Trevor Noah explains, and shows, why Anthony Scaramucci is the perfect hire for Trump

President Trump's new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, grew up not too far from the Queens of Trump's childhood, which may explain a certain similarity in their hand gestures. Or, as The Daily Show suggested on Monday, Scaramucci may have studied up for his new job.

The identical gesticulation isn't Scaramucci's only qualification, Noah noted on Monday's Daily Show. He also declared his love and loyalty for Trump, trying to prove Trump's competitive bona fides by saying he has seen the president do a couple of dubious, sadly solitary athletic achievements. "Throwing a football at a tire isn't impressive — it's something that they literally show impotent men doing in Levitra commercials," Noah noted, with video evidence. Since Scaramucci will "be around for at least a month," he added wryly, we might as well get to know him.

Noah ran through Scaramucci's résumé — blue-collar Long Island upbringing, Harvard Law, Goldman Sachs, his own hedge fund — nicknamed his favorite Scaramucci gesture to the press (the "Mooch smooch"), ran through Scaramucci's previous criticisms of Trump, and questioned his definition of "full transparency," which includes telling everyone he is deleting his old tweets critical of Trump. "Now, some people may think it's odd for a man who believes in climate change, gun control, and abortion rights to go work for Donald Trump, but in a way, if you think about it, he's the perfect man for the job," Noah said. "Who could represent Donald Trump better than a guy willing to abandon all of his previous positions if it gets him into the White House?" (There's one mildly NSFW moment.) Watch below. Peter Weber