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10 embarrassingly fawning lines in Rolling Stone's gushing Justin Trudeau profile

Rolling Stone on Wednesday published its latest cover story, a profile of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the language is ... sympathetic. Very sympathetic. Here are 10 embarrassingly fawning lines from this love letter to "the north star," presented without further comment:

1. "His dark hair is a color found in nature."

2. "His words are coherent and will not need to be run through Google Translate when he is done (except if you want to translate his French into English)."

3. "Where are we? Narnia? Coachella recovery tent? 2009? We are in Ottawa, Ontario, a mere 560 miles from Washington, D.C. And yet, we are half a world away."

4. "Trudeau has a tat of a raven and, sigh, the planet Earth."

5. "[A]t times Trudeau and his young staff give off the aura of a well-meaning Netflix adaptation about a young, idealistic Canadian prime minister."

6. "Is he the free world's best hope?"

7. "Trudeau reminds me of, well, Obama as he smiles and listens patiently to me droning on about my Canadian wife as if it is actually interesting. For Trudeau, listening is seducing."

8. "Justin Trudeau is now the adult in the room."

9. "As we chat, he smiles and locks in with his blue eyes ... "

10. "Trudeau doesn't play golf; he snowboards. There is a real person inside him."

Read the full profile here.