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Ana Navarro to Trump: 'You are not a used car salesman. You are the president.'

GOP strategist Ana Navarro thinks it's about time for someone to have a little talk with President Trump about "taking his job seriously." "I think the solution is very simple: Start telling the truth. Start taking your job seriously, stop exaggerating, stop outright lying and then repeating it over and over and over again," Navarro said Tuesday on CNN's New Day. "I think the people around him ... need to tell him 'You are no longer the host of The Apprentice. You are not a used car salesman. You are the president of the United States.'"

Navarro's remarks were made in light of a recent CNN poll that revealed that just 24 percent of Americans trust the Trump administration, while 73 percent have some hesitations about its truthfulness. Navarro argued that if Trump is going to improve those numbers, he's going to have to start being more truthful. "We need to believe our president when he stands behind that podium and speaks to us," Navarro said.

But Matt Schlapp, a former political director to former President George W. Bush, disagreed with Navarro's "whole premise." He argued that Trump is "authentic" and attributed the credibility issue to the deep polarization of American politics.

But Navarro wasn't buying it. "This is not about policy disagreements," she said, pointing to Trump's baseless claims about voter fraud and his exaggerations about crowd sizes. Watch the exchange below. Becca Stanek