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ObamaCare lives

The number of Americans without ObamaCare exchange coverage has dropped to 334

As of Monday, only Paulding County, Ohio, does not have at least one insurance plan in place for individuals shopping for health insurance in the Affordable Care Act marketplace for 2018, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports. That affects 334 ACA enrollees out of more than 12.2 million nationwide. The insurance plan options won't be finalized until the fall, so it's possible that at least one insurer will step in to offer coverage for Paulding County, or insurers could pull out of other counties in the U.S.

As late as Aug. 2, 20 U.S. counties had no ObamaCare exchange coverage. Ohio became the last state without any options after Wisconsin found an insurer for Menominee County. People in counties with no exchange options aren't able to get federal subsides to help pay for their health insurance, the Kaiser Family Foundation explains. In 2017, 84 percent of marketplace enrollees, or 8.7 million people, received tax credits, while 57 percent (5.9 million people) got cost-sharing reductions.