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In Dallas, George W. Bush offers words of support for Houston, via college football players

Former President George W. Bush shared some words of encouragement on Tuesday with members of the Southern Methodist University football team from Houston.

Bush's presidential library is at the university, in Dallas, and he attends at least one football practice every year to wish the team luck, The Dallas Morning News reports. During his stop on Tuesday, the former Texas governor told the players from Houston and the surrounding area that he knew they were "going through a really tough time," but they're not alone. "Just know that there will be a lot of people that are going to help the people down there," said Bush, who served as president during Hurricane Katrina. "A lot. Right now they're recovering, and so the key thing on the recovery is to keep people safe. And then it's going to be rebuilding. And if you're from that area, you'll be amazed at the people that come down there to help. All kinds of people. So, the days are dark now, but they're going to get better."

For those who are able to attend, SMU's football team announced Tuesday it will offer free tickets to its season opener on Saturday, plus concessions, to people affected by Tropical Storm Harvey.