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The Daily Show's Michelle Wolf explains why Ivanka Trump isn't keeping Trump moderated

On Wednesday, White House employee Ivanka Trump stood behind the decision by her father, President Trump, to scrap a rule that would have made larger companies inform the federal government how much they pay workers, broken down by gender and race, despite her professed support for pay equality. On Wednesday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah made a Titanic joke: "Wow, Ivanka, really? She just treated equal pay the way Rose treated Jack."

Noah brought out The Daily Show's "resident Ivanka Trump expert," Michelle Wolf, who took issue with Noah's shock that Ivanka supports Trump's equal-pay rollback. "I'm so sick of everyone thinking Ivanka is the voice of reason," she said. "She could join ISIS and everyone would be like, 'Thank god she's there — she's gonna help ISIS get maternity leave.'" Wolf explained why she thinks Ivanka Trump's actions aren't matching her words ("she lies"), then gave her theory on why the first daughter is not moderating President Trump's conservative impulses: "Ivanka's playing both sides. She wants the credit for influencing her dad, but she doesn't want to get blamed for anything he does. And that's what Trumps do. They want all of the credit and none of the blame. You just don't see it with Ivanka because she's kind of pretty. If Eric was doing this s--t, we'd all see right through it."

She had a solution for anyone confused by Ivanka Trump's mixed signals, too. Watch below. Peter Weber