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Joe Scarborough mocks Trump's efforts to help Hurricane Harvey victims

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough ripped President Trump on Tuesday for what Scarborough characterized as the president's bumbling efforts to help Hurricane Harvey victims. The particular moment Scarborough seized on involved Trump helping to load a pickup truck with supplies and handing a large bucket to the driver in the cab, rather than setting it in the bed of the truck:

"You have to just take it," Scarborough joked of the driver's response. "Because the president's putting [the bucket] in the wrong place. You know, here's your bag of cement."

Scarborough's co-hosts were less sold on the controversy. "What does that have to do with anything?" asked Mika Brzezinski. Willie Geist added: "That was obviously a photo op for the president, who did a nice job going down there twice, let's give him credit for going down there."

Watch the conversation below. Jeva Lange