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Jake Tapper tells Seth Meyers that people most often stop him to ask if America will survive Trump

When he goes on vacation, CNN's Jake Tapper told Seth Meyers on Tuesday's Late Night, the thing people most often stop him to ask these days is, "Are we going to survive?" "I'm just trying to build a sand castle with my son," he said, but "that's what people want to know: Are we going to be okay? Are we going to survive as a nation?" They also want assurance that they're being "gaslit," he added, that President Trump is the one acting crazy, not them. "And then they walk off down the beach and go, 'Honey, I've good news: We're gonna live, and we're normal!'" Meyers summarized. "I never said anything about we're going to live," Tapper deadpanned.

Meyers asked if Trump's mixed message on DACA is normal, ending the program but assuring DREAMers that he loves them. "It's normal in the sense that this is part of the policy edge of President Trump, where he maybe doesn't fully understand all the promises that he makes," Tapper said. He explained that he's not sure Trump "fully comprehends" that the 800,000 DREAMers he just roiled with his DACA decisions could be deported, and may actually be at higher risk of deportation since they handed the federal government all their personal information when they applied to the program. "So not only are these people vulnerable, now the government knows where they live," he said.

Meyers noted that liberals love that Tapper holds Trump's feet to the fire, but they didn't always hold him in warm regard. "Yeah, I don't expect it's going to last much, you know, once the Chelsea Clinton administration begins, or Oprah," he joked. "Once you go after Oprah, I'm turning against you, too, buddy," Meyers said. "I've got some stuff against Clooney, he doesn't know what's going to hit him," Tapper laughed. He ended by explaining how Sean Hannity's Twitter vendetta against him backfired. Watch below. Peter Weber