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Police are going door-to-door in South Florida urging people to evacuate

As Hurricane Irma inches closer, police squad cars are driving down the streets of South Florida neighborhoods urging people to evacuate.
"Attention. Attention. You are in a mandatory evacuation zone. Please evacuate," police blared from a loudspeaker as they slowly cruised down residential streets. Officers were also reportedly getting out of their cars to talk to people and answer questions.

CNN explained that authorities want people "off the road by tomorrow," so they're "trying to get them on the roads now." The roadways and airports are already clogged with residents trying to get out before the storm makes landfall.

Irma is projected to hit Florida late Saturday or early Sunday as at least a Category 4 storm. "I can guarantee you that I don't know anybody in Florida who's ever experienced what's about to hit South Florida," Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long said Friday.