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'it's sad'

Sarah Huckabee Sanders slams Hillary Clinton for 'propping up book sales with false and reckless attacks'

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders chuckled at the podium on Tuesday when asked if President Trump will read Hillary Clinton's new book, What Happened. "Whether or not he's going to read Hillary Clinton's book I am not sure, but I would think that he's pretty well-versed on what happened," Sanders said. "And I think it's pretty clear to all of America."

Since it was mentioned, Sanders took the opportunity to make a dig about Clinton and her book. In the book, Clinton dishes about how her "skin crawled" when Trump lurked behind her at that infamous presidential debate; admits her private email server and Wall Street speeches were mistakes; and blames everyone from Russian President Vladimir Putin to former FBI Director James Comey to the media to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for her loss. "I think it's sad that after Hillary Clinton ran one of the most negative campaigns in history and lost, and the last chapter of her public life is going to be now defined by propping up book sales with false and reckless attacks," Sanders said.

Catch Sanders' response below. Becca Stanek