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Late night tackles Late Night

Stephen Colbert talks Sean Spicer with Jimmy Kimmel, cracks jokes with James Corden

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has been off all week to prepare for hosting the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, but while he is in Los Angeles, he took an evening off to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "How exciting for America to see two talk-show titans side by side," Kimmel joked. "You rarely see two middle-aged white men talking on television anymore," Colbert replied. They talked about how different types of guests walk in for their interviews and Kimmel's interview with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who is shorter than Kimmel thought and not ready to ask for the forgiveness he evidently craves, according to Colbert.

If you were truly wowed by seeing multiple talk-show titans side by side, you're in luck, because Colbert also made a cameo on James Corden's Late Late Show, ostensibly to play Corden's "Side effects may include..." game for CBS late-night hosts, a very small category. They went through some side effects, with Corden throwing a little shade at his employer — "Having to tell people if they missed your show they can watch it in full on CBS Full Access, as if that's a viable option" — and learning what CBS stands for, and then playing bonus rounds of side effects for hosting award shows and talking to celebrities every night. Corden had one particularly awkward applause line. Also, what's the beef with Jon Hamm? Watch below. Peter Weber