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Not even a greeting from President Trump could keep this 11-year-old from mowing the White House lawn

On Friday, 11-year-old Frank Giaccio's dreams came true as he motored a lawn mower around the White House lawn. Giaccio was apparently so focused on mowing straight lines in the Rose Garden, however, that he didn't even notice when President Trump came up to say hello:

Giaccio's Friday morning of mowing the lawn and mingling with the president happened thanks to a letter the Falls Church, Virginia, boy wrote to Trump last month. In the letter, Giaccio noted his admiration of Trump's business prowess, pointing out that he'd started a lawn-mowing business of his own. He said it would be his "honor to mow the White House lawn some weekend" free of charge, an offer Trump officially accepted this week.

Trump eventually did catch Giaccio's attention to give him a high five for a lawn well mowed. Becca Stanek