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Stop, Helmer time!

This Virginia Democrat's campaign ad involves an extremely bad singalong of 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling'

There aren't many campaign ads that truly give you a profound loss of words like Virginia Democrat Dan Helmer's new spot against Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) does. That being said, plenty of people have found things to say about it: "I've seen a lot of campaign ads. A lot. This might be the worst I've ever seen," tweeted Mic politics reporter Emily C. Singer‏. "I don't know who this Dan Helmer fellow is, but I hope he loses by two billion votes," chipped in Free Beacon's Alex Griswold.

Set primarily in a bar — which Helmer arrives at on his motorcycle in the intro before a Top Gun-style title, announcing that you are watching HELMER ZONE, flashes on screen — the plot of the ad centers on Helmer and a lady friend noticing that "Comstock" (a woman in a blonde wig) has just ordered a stiff drink across the room.

Rather than let Comstock enjoy her drink in peace, Helmer & Co. decide to sing her a very bad modified version of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling." A sample lyric: "You've lost that centrist feeling / 'cause you've been right wing appealing."

If the goal is to immediately make you shut off your TV and bury the remote in the backyard, Helmer succeeds. Watch below. Jeva Lange