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Late Night Tackles TrumpCare

Stephen Colbert wryly pronounces the GOP ObamaCare-repeal effort dead, for the third time

The latest Republican plan to repeal ObamaCare "is officially dead," Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday's Late Show, and while the audience was cheering, he added: "That is something I've said three times now." In fact, he added, "the GOP is already eyeing the next chance to revive ObamaCare repeal." That's too soon! he protested. "Graham-Cassidy isn't even dead yet. That's like bringing a date to visit your wife in the hospital. 'Look, honey, you're gonna pull through, I absolutely believe in you. But just in case, this is Staci.'"

Colbert noted how Trump fell for some fake news about an Iranian ballistic missile test, because he saw it on TV. "Oh, for Pete's sake," he said. "You have the CIA!" And he took a look at Trump's new travel ban, which "has expanded to include people from Chad, North Korea, Venezuela, and the Golden State Warriors." Colbert came up with some colorful analogies to suggest this was still a Muslim ban, even with Venezuela and North Korea tacked on.

Trump is still talking about the NFL, Colbert noted, including at a press conference Tuesday where he insisted his feud wasn't distracting him, with some odd phrasing. "Which is it?" Colbert asked. "Do you have a lot of time on your hands or are you always working? Because I can't decide which one scares me more." He ran through some of Trump's latest tweets about the NFL, then showed what it might look like if Trump is right that people are now tuning in for only the beginning of NFL games to watch if players protest.

Speaking of protests, Tuesday's Late Show kicked off with a suggestion for Trump supporters who were outraged at Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account. Watch below. Peter Weber