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Late Night Tackles Hurricane Maria

Trevor Noah offers 3 good reasons you should donate to Puerto Rico, cuts Trump some slack

"Due to Hurricane Maria, much of Puerto Rico has no running water, limited gas, and no power," Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show, "and although having no power may be okay for Democrats, it's not okay for an island full of people." Noah joked that President Trump at least knows Puerto Rico is located in a very big ocean, but said he knows what Trump was trying to say — it is harder to get aid to an island — and suggested that America could solve a lot of its Trump-related problems if it just got an English language translator for the president, like it does for foreign leaders.

Trump's response to the brutal aftermath of Maria hasn't been perfect, but Puerto Rico has bigger problems, Noah said, noting that containers of aid are stranded at San Juan's docks. "Wait a second, Puerto Rico just needs some truck drivers?" he asked. "Maybe Trump can help after all, huh? Come on, he spent his whole presidency learning to drive trucks and finally it paid off!" Seriously, "in Trump's defense," Noah said, "the federal government is responding to the crisis." But more needs to be done, on the federal and personal level.

Half of the U.S. doesn't know Puerto Ricans are Americans, which matters because those who do know are more supportive of relief efforts. And after three massive hurricanes, Americans are suffering from donor fatigue. But that's no excuse "for letting Puerto Rico slip through the cracks," Noah said. "Don't think of it as a donation, think of it as paying Puerto Rico back for all they've given us: 'Despacito,' Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez." He suggested a $1 donation for anyone who's listened to the song, enjoyed Hamilton, or fantasized about J-Lo, then took out his checkbook. Watch below. Peter Weber