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You can't actually make things with love, the FDA says

Grandma's cookies wouldn't pass an FDA health inspection — and not just because she let the dog lick the spoon. It's because they're probably made with that all-encompassing ingredient, "love."

The Food and Drug Administration called out Nashoba Brook Bakery for listing "love" as ingredient in its granola. The FDA's Sept. 22 letter pointed out that "love" isn't the "common or usual name of an ingredient" and therefore shouldn't be used.

John Gates, CEO of the Massachusetts-based bakery, told Bloomberg the violation felt "so George Orwell" and downright "silly."

The FDA had a harsh comeback for Glass. In an email statement to Mashable, the FDA said the "love" violation wasn't the the biggest issue that came out of the bakery's inspection. "Focusing only on that particular violation detracts from the multitude of serious violations reflected in this letter," an FDA spokesperson wrote.

So there's probably no harm in mixing some love into your next batch of brownies after all — just keep it a secret.