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These very good dogs are getting the K-9 Medal of Courage

Five very good boys and girls are being awarded the American Humane Lois Pope K-9 Medal of Courage Award on Wednesday in honor of their service to the country, CBS This Morning reports. The retired canine heroes include Coffee, who did three tours in Afghanistan; Alphie, also an Afghanistan veteran; Capa, who served in the Navy in Iraq and Afghanistan and was assigned to protect the president; and Ranger, who served with the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gabe, who passed away in 2013, will be honored in memoriam after participating in more than 200 combat missions in Iraq.

Over 1,600 dogs serve in the U.S. military, with many assigned the important task of sniffing out explosives. Army Sgt. James Bennett's family credits his four-legged partner, Coffee, for getting him home safe from Afghanistan.

"Do you consider her a hero?" asked CBS This Morning's Chip Reid.

"I consider her an angel," Bennett said. Learn more about the K-9 honorees below, and watch the full video at CBS This Morning. Jeva Lange