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Stick to football?

60 percent of Trump voters now view the NFL unfavorably

Say goodbye to the one last safe topic to discuss at Thanksgiving dinner.

Just three weeks ago, about 60 percent of both Democrats and Republicans said they viewed the NFL favorably, a daily tracking poll from Morning Consult found. Then President Trump stepped in.

After the president told NFL owners to fire players who kneeled during the national anthem, more and more players did the opposite of what Trump wanted. Now, Trump voters have flipped their allegiances: More than 60 percent view the NFL unfavorably, up from around 30 percent in September. Meanwhile, analysis from The New York Times shows Hillary Clinton voters' views remain relatively unchanged.

And Trump still hasn't given up the debate:

The NFL quickly fired back, saying the president's tweet was "not accurate" and that the organization will continue to discuss these issues with players. The spike in Trump voters' disapproval makes the NFL the seventh-most polarizing brand in the U.S., Morning Consult found.

No. 1 on the list? Trump Hotels.