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Swedish public votes to name new train 'Trainy McTrainface,' surprising no one

Having learned absolutely nothing from the U.K.'s Boaty McBoatface scandal/major disappointment of last year, Swedish transportation company MTR Express engaged democracy to choose a name for its new express train connecting Stockholm and Gothenburg. To the surprise of almost no one, the public voted to dub the new line "Trainy McTrainface."

MTR Express is submitting to the will of the people and accepting the name, which some see as fitting retribution after the British Natural Research Council opted to name its new research vessel the RSS Sir David Attenborough instead of the public favorite and frontrunner, the RSS Boaty McBoatface. "I can guarantee with my life that the train will be called Trainy McTrainface," marketing chief Per Nasfi told local press, assuring us that democracy has won in Sweden.