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Where this new Chinese train goes, it doesn't need tracks

China's newest form of sustainable public transportation, the Autonomous Rapid Rail Transit (ART), is not your average train or bus — it's something in between.

ART features three linked carriages that can travel up to about 43 miles per hour using electricity and tires, NBC News reports, and can carry up to 300 passengers at a time. ART follows a virtual route and functions without tracks, making it a cost-effective option in metropolitan areas. The project is also emission-free, as ART runs on rechargeable battery packs that can last for roughly 9 miles and recharge in just 10 minutes.

The project reflects China's aim to create more environmentally friendly forms of public transportation, NBC News notes. The system is being tested in the Hunan Province. Watch footage of ART in action below, courtesy of China Global Television Network. Elianna Spitzer