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He waited in line for 2 days and all he got was a broken iPhone X

Thousands of people around the world lined up to buy the iPhone X on Friday, but perhaps no one got there earlier than Marco Pierre White Jr., the son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. The younger Marco queued up two days early to be first in line for the iPhone in London, although when he finally laid down $999 for the device, it was broken, the New York Post reports.

"I was the first one to get the iPhone, and they sold me a f---ing faulty phone," White said. (He actually bought two — the other, apparently, worked).

Was it worth the wait? Reviews of the iPhone X have been generally positive, with The Verge writing that the device is "clearly the best iPhone ever made. It's thin, it's powerful, it has ambitious ideas about what cameras on phones can be used for, and it pushes the design language of phones into a strange new place." Still, The Week's Jeff Spross notes that the prohibitively expensive phone is "worrisome"; read why here.