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let them eat empanadas

Venezuelan dictator eats empanada on live TV while country starves

Moments after finishing a speech during a live television address, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pulled out an empanada from his desk and took a big ol' bite:

Maduro's snack gives new meaning to the "Maduro diet," a term that some Venezuelans use to refer to weight loss incurred by starvation and the country's food shortages. The dictator was reveling in applause during a live speech when the stealth snacking occurred, but he is deeply unpopular in Venezuela.

Moreover, this isn't the first time he's been caught in a food related scandal: An Associated Press report last December detailed how Venezuela's military — to which Maduro gave control over the country's food supply — makes money trafficking food while the rest of the country starves. In August, Reuters reported that Venezuelan police believe zoo animals are being stolen in order to be eaten.