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Netflix cuts ties with Spacey as sexual assault allegations snowball

Netflix has cut ties with House of Cards star Kevin Spacey as sexual assault allegations against him snowball. Show insiders told Variety they are considering killing off Spacey's lead character, Frank Underwood, halfway through the final season so production can resume without him, focusing the end of the story on Robin Wright's Claire Underwood. However, producers have yet to determine definitively if Spacey's contract will permit the show to film without including him in every episode.

Allegations against Spacey began Sunday evening, when an interview published in which actor Anthony Rapp accused him of sexual assault in 1986. Since then, multiple other men have reported similar experiences, and eight House of Cards staffers said Spacey exhibited sexually "predatory" behavior on set.

Spacey is now under investigation by London's Scotland Yard and has also lost representation by his agent and publicist.