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SNL's Trump has a shower meeting with Paul Manafort, Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, and Jeff Sessions' tail

Saturday Night Live opened its latest episode with a conversation between Alec Baldwin's President Trump and Alex Moffat as the indicted Paul Manafort. Just to make sure Manafort isn't wearing a wire for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump moves their talk to the shower to pitch his plan: "All I need from you is to go to prison for a very, very long time," he says. "And in return, I still get to be president, which I hate, but I'm too proud to quit 'cause that's not fair."

Trump and Manafort are soon joined by Beck Bennett's Vice President Pence, in a suit — "Mike Pence, why are you wearing a suit in the shower?" "Well because, I'm not married to the water" — and Kate McKinnon's "half-opossum" Attorney General Jeff Sessions with his "trusty li'l tail." Trump ensures Pence's complicity by snapping a shower group selfie and pledging to text it "straight to Jesus" if he snitches.

Watch the full skit below, and keep an eye out for the lovely time the first lady is having on the president's tour of Asia. Bonnie Kristian