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White House aide on Roy Moore: 'There's no Senate seat more important than the notion of child pedophilia'

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short appeared on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday, weighing in on the sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R).

"Absolutely, if more evidence comes out that can prove that he did this, then sure, by all means he should be disqualified," Short said. "But that's a huge if, and I think we have to allow that more facts come out." Pressed by host Chuck Todd on what happens if evidence proving Moore's innocence "doesn't work," Short replied that there is "no Senate seat more important than the notion of child pedophilia, Chuck. I mean, that's reality."

"But having said that," he continued, "[Moore] has not been proven guilty. We have to afford him the chance to defend himself." Short noted that President Trump supported Moore's primary opponent, Luther Strange, and suggested once Trump returns from his tour of Asia he will speak further on the Moore situation.

Watch an excerpt of Short's comments below, or read the full transcript of his interview here. Bonnie Kristian