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Trevor Noah has his own plan to Trump-proof America's nukes

On Tuesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held hearings on whether to curtail a president's unchecked power to launch a nuclear strike. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) insisted this has nothing to do with President Trump, specifically, but come on, Trevor Noah said on Wednesday's Daily Show. "That dude has the impulse control of the first kid to die in the Wonka factory tour. That's why they're having these meetings. And if you're looking for some reassurance about President Augustus Gloop, there is some good news," namely that Trump can't launch nuclear missiles by accidentally leaning on a button.

Still, to launch a nuclear strike, Trump only has to open up the nuclear briefcase, or "football," and punch in the codes. "I'm not one of those people who just talks, I'm about action," Noah said. "That's why during my lunch break, I decided to custom-build something — I decided to build this nuclear briefcase, just for the president," so Trump can't launch the nukes "without working hard." The last step is practically foolproof, but the Eric Trump one is pretty mean. Watch below. Peter Weber