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Trevor Noah tries to explain why everyone's always talking about Trump, seriously

Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show that he sometimes asks himself, "Why do we always have to talk about Trump?" — before turning the question around: "Why does he always give us something to talk about?" Noah had an answer, but first he had some fun watching Trump goof around at a rally in Missouri on Wednesday, purportedly selling the Republican tax plan.

"Trump was having so much fun, and it was so entertaining, that I almost didn't notice the blatant lies about the tax bill," Noah said, highlighting Trump's assertion that he will be worse off under the legislation. "Come on man, you're going to cash out on this like a shroom dealer at Coachella, and we all know it. The only thing we don't know fully is how much Trump benefits because, unlike Matt Lauer's penis, no one has ever seen Trump's tax returns."

But then Noah steered things in an unexpected direction: A CNN International report exposing a growing slave trade in post-Gadhafi Libya. "In 2017, you don't expect the 'breaking news' to be slave auctions are back," he said. The United Nations and world leaders took notice of the report and are investigating, but Libya questioned CNN's reporting, citing Trump's tweet attacking CNN International as "a major source of (Fake) news."

"Somehow, at the same time he's at his tax-cutting Christmas pageant in Missouri, he's also in the slave markets of Libya," Noah said, circling back to his question about Trump's attention-sucking prowess. "For years, Donald Trump has been yelling 'Fake news! Fake news,' discrediting journalism, and now, here's a real-life effect of the ideas that he tweets out. So the next time Paul Ryan or Gen. Kelly says, 'Come on, how bad can Trump's tweets be?' Well, now you know." Peter Weber