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Wal-Mart is changing its name ... to Walmart

More and more consumers are starting to favor online retailers over physical stores. And so, in direct correlation to this change, Walmart is changing its legal name — from Wal-Mart Stores Inc., to the hyphen-less Walmart Inc.

In a statement released Wednesday, Walmart clarified that its name change "demonstrates the company's growing emphasis on serving customers seamlessly however they want to shop." (It's a move that could be considered a win for AP style whizzes, too.)

Walmart had long abandoned the hyphen in its branding, with new store signs and official materials displaying simply "Walmart" since 2008 and leaving the hyphenated legal name in the dust. But the company apparently feared customers were confused about why a giant star still separated the two pieces of their old neighborhood WAL*MART's name, while Walmart.com was just one word.

Now that they will surely understand it's all one company, shoppers can seamlessly shop in Walmart stores or online. Phew!