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Late Night Tackles Trump and Taxes

Seth Meyers deflates Trump's 'delusional self-congratulations' on taxes, but feeds them on ObamaCare

President Trump took a big victory lap after Republicans pushed through their big tax bill on Wednesday, and Seth Meyers was impressed with Trump's "delusional self-congratulations" and also the sycophantic praise heaped on him by his fellow partisans. Nothing, it seemed, was sacred, Meyers said on Thursday's Late Night, including the opening prayer, which Trump prefaced with a jab at journalists. "Ah yes, prayer: What a cool thing to be a dick about," he deadpanned.

The tax GOP bill is a significant upward redistribution of wealth, but Trump focused on the little-guy branding, especially his contribution, Meyers noted. "Oh my god, do you think you came up with the phrase 'tax cuts'?" he asked Trump. "Those are literally the two most popular words in the history of politics." Trump also claimed, again, that he has accomplished more than any other first-year president, which Meyers found amusing. "You passed one bill, and people are so enthusiastic about you that Alabama elected a Democratic senator." Trump took time to "stroke his own ego," but he also "got some help from Vice President Mike Pence," who was so effusive it seemed to embarrass even Trump, Meyers said. "Look at him. Even he's like, 'Dude, I'm married.'"

But Meyers also saw an upside in Trump's delusions of success, like when Trump claimed to have "essentially repealed ObamaCare." "Now, Trump hasn't repealed ObamaCare," Meyers said, detailing the bulk of what's left, "but I say we let him think he's repealed ObamaCare so he stops trying." He said this technique is probably applicable to all of Trump's promises, and you can take a dip in this fantasy world below. Peter Weber