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like father like son

Donald Trump Jr. attacks the press, misspells Washington Post motto as 'Democracy Dies in Dankness'

On Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. bashed the press over its coverage of a Republican-authored memo that claims the FBI improperly surveilled the Trump campaign in 2016. The FBI and the Justice Department object to the memo's release, claiming it is factually incomplete and could imperil intelligence sources.

The president's eldest son took to Twitter to vent about the backlash the memo has provoked, responding to a tweet from NBC News' Andrea Mitchell that asked how the White House could "justify" releasing the memo given the FBI's public rebuke of its contents. Trump Jr. shot back, claiming the press "only likes their information 'leaked,'" so that's why they must be objecting to a memo "released openly from Congress."

He also happened to make a pretty excellent — albeit almost certainly unintentional — joke about the marijuana-induced demise of America:

For the record: The Washington Post's motto is actually "Democracy Dies in Darkness."