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Late Night Tackles the Super Bowl

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and The Daily Show find creative ways to razz Philly for its Super Bowl festivities

After the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl, beating the New England Patriots on Sunday, Eagles fans took to the streets of Philly, and things got a little rowdy. Monday's Late Show hinted at the celebration in an imagined local news report:

The Daily Show went with a Westworld homage, Wooderworld:

"The people of Philadelphia weren't satisfied with taking down the New England Patriots — they also took down their longtime nemesis, Philadelphia," Stephen Colbert said on The Late Show. Philly police "were prepared for a Philadephageddon," greasing the city's poles with waterproof hydraulic fluid," he noted. "So let's see how things worked out for these now-invulnerable poles." (Not well.)

After showing some of the chaos, he turned to the Super Bowl ads, poking fun at Scientology for asking viewers to google "Scientology," and of course razzing that Dodge Ram ad featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. "Now, that sounds inappropriate until you remember that Dr. King was awarded the J.D. Power & Associates best midsize humanitarian," Colbert said. "And this ad is part of a whole new campaign for Dodge," which he tested out.

Jimmy Kimmel started off his Super Bowl recap by asking President Trump to declare the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday. "That's one he would do, right?" he asked. "Tom Brady, they said he was so distraught after the game he chugged a quart of almond milk and ate half of a grape," Kimmel joked, but in Philly, "after more than 50 years of failure, Eagles fans flooded the streets of Philadelphia to celebrate their team's historic victory the old-fashioned way." Even the cops were getting into the celebration. "I don't think I've ever been that happy about anything in my whole life," he marveled. Kimmel showed one particularly memorable "sack" from the game, and turned it into an equally memorable statuette for Eagles fans. Watch below. Peter Weber