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It wasn't all bad

79-year-old learns how to drive so he can finally chauffeur his wife around

For several decades, Keith Limbert's wife drove him wherever he needed to go, and now, it's his turn to be the chauffeur.

Married for 58 years, Keith and Anne Limbert live in West Yorkshire, England, and although he took driving lessons when he was younger, Keith never ended up getting his license. Anne, who got her license in 1972, was happy to drive him around town, but when she suffered a stroke in 2015, she had to hang her car keys up. That's when Keith, 79, decided it was time to step up and take over the driving duties. "She has looked after me long enough and I think it's about time for me to look out for her now," he told the U.K.'s Metro. "I owe her."

About 18 months ago, Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer, and now that he has his license, Keith is able to drive her to treatment. They also enjoy just parking the car so they can "watch the world go by," Keith said. Their daughter, Shelly Bennett, said her mother's stroke changed their lives, but now that her father can drive, it's "given them a new lease on life."