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parkland school shooting

At Fox News, the fix for school shootings like in Parkland, Florida, is more guards, better active-shooter drills

On CNN Wednesday night, Don Lemon said that after yet another mass shooting at school — this one in Parkland, Florida, with 17 dead — "everyone agrees" that "we need to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people," America can make "mental health a priority" at the same time as it enacts new gun laws, and "I know we are better than this." At Fox News on Wednesday night, mental health was barely discussed, school mass shootings were a fact of life, and the solution was to fortify schools.

"This is not a political statement, and I know I'm known for talking politics all the time," Sean Hannity said on his show. "I don't think it is something most people would disagree with ... there's got to be greater order in terms of monitoring who's getting into these schools ... but more importantly — and they did have a guard — but I mean, a school this big that has 3,200 students and multiple buildings, it seems to me you need a few people in each building, retired military, retired police, and I would think, over time, that families — we're not talking about all that much money." His guest, former FBI Special Agent Manny Gomez, agreed, suggesting America federalize school security as it did with the TSA in airports after 9/11. "That's a great example," Hannity said.

Tucker Carlson had on two corporate security experts who argued that school shootings are now a given, preventative analytics have failed, and the only thing to do is to train kids to protect themselves and fight back, which means more aggressive active-shooter drills. "There's some serious thinking that has to go on with this, and it's not policy that's going to make the difference," said Kelly McCann, CEO of the Kembavitz Group. "It's actual training, and it's making people accept the reality that these things are happening." Peter Weber