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Trump is angry with the FBI about the Florida shooting, the Russia probe, and the Iran deal

In a pair of tweets posted Saturday night and Sunday morning, President Trump aired three separate grievances with the FBI. First, he targeted the agency's failure to investigate a January tip about Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old who confessed to the school shooting in Florida this past week. In the same tweet, the president went on to blame this grim error on the FBI's involvement in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe:

In a follow-up tweet, Trump turned to the Iran deal, criticizing the FBI for not investigating the Obama administration for one of the terms of the nuclear agreement:

Trump is correct that the Obama White House paid Iran $1.7 billion, though only $400 million is confirmed to have been paid in cash using non-U.S. bills; the rest may have been a bank transfer. The payment settled a decades-old legal dispute about a weapons deal and help secure the release of American prisoners.