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Kylie Jenner is potentially responsible for Snap losing $1.5 billion in market value

Not everyone could cause Snap to lose $1.5 billion in market value with a single tweet, but then again, not everyone is Kylie Jenner. The 20-year-old's declaration Wednesday that she does not open Snapchat anymore potentially caused a slide Thursday that found shares tumbling more than 7 percent, ZeroHedge reports, effectively erasing "most" of the social media company's "post-earnings climb."

Snapchat infuriated users with an update earlier this month, which prompted more than a million people to sign a petition called "Remove the new Snapchat update."

"While the recent redesign of [Snap's] flagship app could produce positive long-term benefits, [there is a] significant jump in negative app reviews since the redesign was pushed out a few weeks ago, which could result in a decline in users and user engagement, and could negatively impact financial results," Citigroup analysts Mark May and Hao Yan wrote, as reported by Markets Insider.