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Alex Jones is viciously trashing 'Jordan Keppler,' and Comedy Central's Jordan Klepper is loving it

YouTube has frozen InfoWars' channel because of complaints that its conspiracy theories about the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting violated the site's policies, and now Alex Jones' conspiracy factory is one strike away from being banned. "What? Three strikes and you're out? Nothing could be less American," Jordan Klepper said on Tuesday's The Opposition. The complaints are clearly "fake news," he added. "InfoWars has been truth-telling like this for years — since lizard people first demanded immigration rights."

"Alex Jones says the things no one else would because only he dares to stoop so brave," Klepper said. "That's why the establishment comes after him like this. Everyone has it in for Alex Jones: CNN, MSNBC, cholesterol, and now there's a new narc yapping at his heels." He showed clips of Jones repeatedly attacking some guy named Jordan Keppler. This moment is why The Opposition was created, and Klepper seized it.

"Here's the crazy thing: Jones is upset because this 'Jordan Keppler' criticized InfoWars for reporting crisis actors were employed after the Parkland shooting — the same claims that got him his first YouTube strike," Klepper said. "And what's even more wild, the same night this Keppler guy was attacking InfoWars, our show, hosted by me, Jordan Klepper, was very sincerely defending InfoWars for that same story! This Keppler is a disgusting deep-state mole."

"The fact is, Alex Jones is facing a potential ban from YouTube because of the things his show said," Klepper said. "Now, is that his fault? No! It's the fault of people like Jordan Keppler. ... We need to spread the word — tweet @realAlexJones all the things that Jordan Keppler has ruined so he knows to #BlameKeppler. Because if there's not a shadowy figure on the horizon who you can blame all your problems on, then the problem is you. And that sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory." Watch below. Peter Weber