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Americans are way more worried about cyberterrorism than an influx of immigrants

Americans rank cyberterrorism and North Korea's nuclear weapons development program as the two most critical threats to the United States, a new Gallup poll released Monday reveals. The two are in a statistical tie, and just 3 percent of Americans consider each unimportant.

Intriguingly, though international terrorism of the offline variety takes a close third place, other security issues Gallup listed ranked much lower in respondents' concern. Only 39 percent of Americans — fewer than half of those most worried about cyberterrorism and North Korea — said "large numbers of immigrants entering the United States" is a critical threat. Moreover, 29 percent said it's not a threat at all.

With the exception of cyberterrorism, Gallup found Republicans are across the board more likely than Democrats to deem a threat "critical."