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It wasn't all bad

Friends for 80 years, these childhood besties still meet for lunch once a month

They met in grade school and just never grew apart, sticking together for all of life's major events: Graduations, weddings, births, and deaths.

The six women — Joyce Sindel, 85; Arlene Dunaetz, 85; Armony Share, 86; Charlotte Gussin-Root, 85; Jackie Waterman, 86; and Helen Bialeck, 85 — bonded while attending Sheridan Street Elementary in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights. Once a month, they gather for lunch to reminisce about the past and chat about what they're up to now, but that's not to say they don't sometimes disagree over things. "We fight all the time," Waterman told the Los Angeles Times. "But we fight like sisters, right?"

Over the years, they've traveled together, and during a trip to San Francisco in the 1970s, they managed to get separated — but ended up all walking into the same random restaurant. "Can you imagine?" Gussin-Root said. "That's still a mystery to me." One of their latest adventures was appearing in a Facebook commercial that aired during the Golden Globes — Sindel decided late in life to become an actress, and she had answered an ad for an older woman with a lot of friends. "We know each other," she told the Times. "We know our histories. With these girls, there's never any pretense."