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Late Night Tackles Stormy Daniels

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah crack up about the same part of the FBI's raid on Michael Cohen

On Monday, FBI agents raided the offices, home, and hotel room of Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime personal lawyer and fixer, and the late-night TV hosts focused on one particular facet of the afternoon's big news. "The breaking news is that Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, is in trouble for maybe using campaign funds to buy a porn star's silence," Trevor Noah said on Monday's Daily Show. "And you know, it's just nice knowing that in 20 years, teachers won't be able to give a history lesson without explaining what a pornographic actress is. 'You see, children, when a man pays a woman very much....'"

"Remember, Michael Cohen claims he paid off Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket, which is crazy — who pays for porn?" Stephen Colbert asked on The Late Show. Trump may be angry about the raid, but he has only himself to blame, he added. Trump "said on camera, just to recap, 'You'll have to ask Michael Cohen.' Well, guess who watches TV? Robert Mueller." A tip from Mueller apparently led to Monday's Cohen raid, and the FBI "got everything," Colbert joked. "They got all of his information about porn in a folder marked 'Finances,' and all his information about finances in a folder marked 'Porn.'" Watch below. Peter Weber