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Watch a frustrated Meghan McCain take down James Comey: Everyone knows Trump has 'weird hair and an orange face'

The View's Meghan McCain lost her patience Monday when some of her fellow co-hosts rallied to the defense of former FBI Director James Comey, who appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday to discuss his observations about President Trump ahead of the release of his memoir, A Higher Loyalty. "Leaking is a cardinal sin in all forms of politics and it sure as hell is in the FBI, in or out," said McCain, referencing a memo Comey "leaked" through a friend to the media. "And I will say, if you have some information to say, have the cojones to do it on TV."

Former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin jumped in to defend Comey, claiming she didn't agree that Comey had "leaked anything" and prompting McCain to snap back, "I know what a leak is." McCain's frustration eventually boiled over when comedian Joy Behar pointed out Comey clearly "remembers what he saw" while working for Trump.

"But who doesn't know that Trump has an orange face and eyes?" McCain interrupted. "Come on, everybody knows that. It's ridiculous. I mean, that anecdote, I mean, come on. Of all the things we know about Donald Trump, any person knows he has weird hair and an orange face." Watch the show below. Jeva Lange