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Condoleezza Rice instructs Trump to leave the details of the North Korea meeting 'to people who understand all the nuances'

Condoleezza Rice may be out of the State Department, but she still has some advice for the president.

In a Fox & Friends interview Tuesday, the former secretary of state suggested that when President Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he shouldn't be the one to work out the details.

"Leave that to people who understand all the nuances of this situation," Rice said.

There's more at stake than American interests, she said, advising the president to keep Japan and other Asian countries in mind. Rice served as secretary of state under former President George W. Bush.

Additionally, Rice noted that Trump shouldn't forget that "this is a regime that murdered an American citizen just a little while ago," referring to 22-year-old Otto Warmbier's death after he returned from North Korea in a coma.

Rice also had thoughts on the Iran nuclear deal that Trump seems so ready to get out of. "I actually think if we pull out now, it's not going to be the disaster that everybody's talking about," Rice said. The agreement relieves Iran from sanctions if it curbs its nuclear weapons production.

Watch Rice discuss North Korea below. Kathryn Krawczyk