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Gun Violence

Parkland survivor David Hogg ominously predicted that America would be struck by a tragic shooting today

Just one day before a shooter entered Santa Fe High School in Texas and killed 10, a survivor of another recent school shooting made a statement that now sounds like a foreboding premonition.

David Hogg, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who survived the deadly shooting there in February, spoke at the Education Writers Association's national seminar Thursday.

"We shouldn't be living in an America where we learn to accept these things and they continue to happen," said Hogg of gun violence in schools. "It's terrifying to me because right now, what keeps me up at night is thinking that there's somebody alive right now that will not be alive at this time tomorrow."

Since the February shooting at his school in Parkland, Florida, Hogg has entered the national spotlight to advocate for stronger gun laws to prevent future violence. He appeared on the panel alongside other activists: Emma González, a fellow Parkland student; Alex King, who lost a nephew to gun violence; and Jackson Mittleman, who survived the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In Hogg's hypothetical prediction, he said that the person killed within the next day likely had "never even thought about gun violence. But everybody around them will have to for the rest of their lives." Watch the full seminar at Education Week.