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Late Night Tackles Trump and Immigration

Trevor Noah finds the real Trump immigration scandal among the fakes. Jordan Klepper blames Democrats.

Social media was aflame with stories about President Trump's immigration policies over the long weekend, and not all of them were exactly 100 percent correct — like the idea that Trump's Department of Health and Human Services "lost" nearly 1,500 immigrant children. Trevor Noah started out Tuesday's Daily Show with a little liberal truth-squadding. "Let's take a breath, let's read past headlines before we start sharing misleading stories that Trump will use to discredit all other news," he said. "Just so we're on the same page, Trump didn't lose 1,500 kids and his administration didn't put those kids in cages, all right? But don't worry, you can still hate him, because he and his administration have started doing something that is way worse."

When his new policy of separating parents and kids "first started, I think President Trump was probably thrilled with it," Noah said. "He was, like, 'We're taking kids away from parents — pack you bags, Eric, we're going to the border. Come on, Eric, let's go!' But as it turns out, the blowback from this policy has been so fierce that now even President Trump is going, 'Uh, it wasn't me.'" Still, blaming Democrats? "Even for Trump, that's at terrible lie," Noah said. "But that's just to tell you how awful this real policy is — this is the first thing ever Trump doesn't want to put his name on."

At The Opposition, Jordan Klepper was happy to square the circle: "That's right — it's his own administration's policy, and Democrats are to blame. What's so confusing about that? Maybe my trusty gaslight can shed some light on this." First, however, he fake-defended the policy: "If you don't want to lose your child to the government, don't bring them across the border. And if you don't want to lose them to drug cartels, don't stay where you are. It's like an immigrant Catch-22 — which is also ICE's hourly quota." Watch below. Peter Weber