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Trump got mad at Justin Trudeau and refused to sign the G7 joint communique

President Trump tweeted an angry critique of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Saturday evening, pairing the attack with an announcement that the United States would no longer be a signatory to the communique signed by the six other world leaders at the weekend's G7 summit in Canada:

A response from Trudeau's office said his post-summit comments were no different from his statements in meetings with Trump: "The prime minister said nothing he hasn't said before — both in public, and in private conversations with the president."

The communique pledged participants to oppose protectionism and strive "to reduce tariff barriers, non-tariff barriers, and subsidies." Earlier Saturday, Trump said he'd raised the idea of eliminating all tariffs and trade barriers among G7 nations, but that he also would consider cutting off all trade between the U.S. and these close allies if trade policy does not change to his liking.